I. Lawrence

“Imole coached me during my interview preparation, helping me to land my dream job in Canada. His experience, professionalism, and insight into the Canadian job market are unique and exceptional. His approach is very personal, professional, and organized as he tailors his program to your specific needs. He requested a one-on-one coaching session before my interview and that improved my confidence and understanding of how to thrive in the Canadian job market. I strongly recommend Imole’s career coaching program to anyone who wants to unlock more of his or her career potential.”

Osa. O

“Thanks to Imole’s extensive support and the nurturing environment he fostered, I was able to excel in my interview preparations, ultimately leading to a job offer and an advantageous salary negotiation. His commitment to empowering others has not only facilitated my personal growth but also inspired me to contribute to the community he’s built. Imole’s efforts underscore the transformative effect of mentorship on career success and financial betterment.”

Akinniyi. B

“In our relationship’s darkest hours, Imoleayo’s intervention was a lifeline. His ability to listen, positive outlook, and practical wisdom brought about significant improvements, steering us toward a brighter future together. His guidance has been a catalyst for change, and we eagerly anticipate a renewed journey ahead. Imoleayo’s support during this critical time has been a blessing.”

Funke Olufowobi

“Imoleayo’s strategic advice was a turning point in my job search, leading to a job offer and the ability to negotiate favourable salary terms despite previous rejections. His coaching is indispensable for overcoming employment barriers, such as the lack of Canadian experience, and for anyone aiming to achieve professional success and financial improvement. Imoleayo’s dedication to supporting others shines as a beacon of hope and encouragement.”

Bukola Ayoola, MBA

“With Imoleayo’s guidance, I was able to smoothly transition into the Canadian professional landscape, which culminated in securing a job that matched my aspirations and negotiating a competitive salary. His detailed-oriented coaching enriched my understanding and integration into the workforce, making him a distinguished mentor whose assistance is pivotal for anyone aiming for succes in their career especially as an immigrant.”

E. Adefowokan, MA, BA

“Imole’s mentorship has been crucial in both my professional development and successful job acquisition, influencing my career positively. His support and insights have helped me navigate through challenges and seize opportunities effectively. Imole’s leadership and dedication to excellence have inspired me and many others to achieve great outcomes, including securing jobs and negotiating better salaries. His impact goes beyond professional success, fostering a nurturing environment for growth.”

Aderinola Oyinlola

“Imole’s guidance was instrumental in my journey to becoming a Human Resource professional in Canada, leading to a successful job placement and enhanced salary terms. His rich knowledge and exceptional coaching abilities not only navigated me through the complexities of the workforce but also empowered me to excel in negotiations. Imole’s mentorship is invaluable for anyone looking to advance and secure rewarding professional opportunities.”

Parv. A, MBA

“Imoleayo’s tailored coaching not only unlocked my full potential but directly contributed to me securing a fulfilling job and negotiating a better salary. His deep understanding of my strengths and personalized strategy were pivotal in achieving my goals. The insight and clarity gained from our conversations have been transformative for my career trajectory. Imoleayo’s blend of expertise, attention to detail, and genuine camaraderie has left a lasting positive impact on my personal and professional life.”

Olawunmi O

“Imoleayo Ashogbon has been an invaluable career coach and mentor. In our sessions, he skillfully delved into my strengths and aspirations, providing tailored advice that significantly influenced my career decisions. His strategic guidance not only refined my professional goals but also equipped me with the tools to overcome challenges, fostering a resilient mindset. Imoleayo’s genuine dedication to his clients and wealth of industry knowledge make him an outstanding mentor. Beyond the sessions, he goes the extra mile to stay connected, offering ongoing support and insights. I’m immensely grateful for the impact he’s had on my career journey, transforming challenges into opportunities. Highly responsive and deeply committed, Imoleayo Ashogbon has played a pivotal role in shaping my professional trajectory. I wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone seeking expert guidance, empowerment, and a transformative career experience.”

Kikelola Emechafor

“Imole was a guest speaker at the Beyond Talent- Purpose Workshop and he delivered an absolutely outstanding presentation. His speaking skills were truly exceptional, capturing the audience’s attention from the moment he stepped onto the stage. What impressed me most was Imole’s engaging style and ability to connect with the audience on a personal level. They effortlessly conveyed complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner, making the content accessible to everyone in the room. Moreover, Imole demonstrated remarkable facilitation skills, fostering an interactive and collaborative atmosphere throughout the workshop. Their ability to encourage participation and facilitate meaningful discussions added immense value to the overall experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Imole to anyone seeking a speaker who not only delivers valuable insights but also engages and inspires their audience every step of the way. Their passion for their craft and dedication to helping others succeed shine through in every aspect of their presentation. Thank you, Imole, for sharing your expertise and making the workshop an unforgettable experience. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Fredrick Nnabuko

“I worked with Imole on salary negotiation for my new job and I ended up with a 15% increase from the initial offer, I couldn’t believe my eyes as all the strategies he gave worked wonders.”

Tolu Habib

“Thank you for such an uplifting teaching at the purpose workshop. Thanks for also providing us with actionable steps to overcome hindrances to launching out. It was a wonderful teaching.”

Adeola Measeko

“After a 16-month job search, I finally landed my first HR role in Canada, thanks to Imole. His coaching instilled confidence in me and transformed my job hunt within a month. He revamped my resume, attracting numerous interview calls, and his interview preparation was invaluable. Despite the challenges of securing an HR job in Canada without prior experience, Imole’s coaching broke all barriers. His guidance led to an impressive interview, securing the job within a day. Imole’s support didn’t end with the job offer; he prepared me for my new role with additional coaching and resources. Imole is more than a coach; he’s the architect of my career success. If you’re considering a career coach, look no further than Imole. His commitment to helping immigrants achieve their dream job is unparalleled. I’m grateful for his guidance and highly recommend him.”

Oluwapemi Eze

“Approaching Mr. Imole with challenges in interviews, job hunting, and low confidence was a turning point in my career. His guidance not only helped me understand interview dynamics, leading to two job offers, but also boosted my confidence. His coaching, including strategies like storytelling in responses and asking impactful questions, has been pivotal. His principle, ‘Everything we do is for the organization to win in the marketplace,’ has been a guiding light. The coaching offered valuable insights, feedback, and an understanding of my strengths and areas for improvement, leading to continued growth. I highly recommend Mr. Imole’s services to anyone seeking career guidance. His personalized approach and invaluable advice have made a significant impact on my career.”

Tomori Michael

“Imole is a consummate HR professional with vast experience in enhancing LinkedIn presence, employee relations, interview process, negotiation, and office politics (dispute).
I have consulted with Imole on several occasions bothering on many things but the one that stood out is salary negotiation on two occasions I have used his guidance to negotiate two salary increases and established criteria for promotion within one year.
Imole is a guiding angel who would hold your hand through the consultation process, and I am proud to recommend his service”

Paul Nwagor

“I’m thrilled to endorse Imole, my extraordinary career coach, who was crucial in my job search and interview preparation. His remarkable expertise in interview strategies, confidence-building, and industry insights were invaluable. Imole’s commitment to his client’s success is unparalleled, providing personalized guidance that transformed my job search journey. His coaching not only helped me secure my desired job but also boosted my overall career confidence. I wholeheartedly recommend Imole to anyone seeking a dedicated and effective career coach.”

Tobi Akinola

“Dear Coach Imole,

I am profoundly grateful for your exceptional guidance in refining my CV and LinkedIn profile for my project management job search. Your expertise has significantly increased my interview opportunities. The insights and tips you provided during our interview preparation sessions were outstanding, leading to a remarkable improvement in my interview performance. Your dedication to excellence sets you apart, and I feel more confident navigating the competitive project management landscape. Thank you for being a crucial part of my career journey. I eagerly anticipate applying the skills and strategies you’ve imparted as I explore new opportunities in the field.”

Lovelyn Fimibama

“I am honored to have Imoleayo as a colleague and mentor. I can confidently say he has transformed my life for the better. Imole has provided invaluable guidance and mentorship to me and the Nigerian HR community. He has a unique talent for imparting wisdom, which has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. The lessons, support, and inspiration I have received have not only empowered me to achieve my goals but have also inspired me to pay it forward by mentoring others. I am profoundly grateful for Imoleayo’s mentorship and the positive impact it has had on my life. He is not only a remarkable mentor but also a true inspiration.”

Derek Okoedion

“I’m overwhelmed with joy to share that I’ve received an offer for an HR Generalist role, despite my last HR experience dating back to 2012. The journey involved numerous interviews and questions about my experience, but it all paid off when I was offered a role requiring three years of experience, which I didn’t have. This achievement is a testament to God’s grace and Imole’s exceptional coaching. His guidance during the interview preparation was instrumental, particularly one question that left a lasting impression on the Executive Director (ED). Within 10 minutes post-interview, I received an email requesting my references. This group has been a pillar of support throughout my journey, and I’m grateful for the prayers and encouragement. I’m excited about the opportunities ahead and look forward to contributing my best to the role. Thank you all.”

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