Get a Tailored Strategy to Land Your Dream Job in Canada In 6 Months Or Less

New to Canada and struggling to land your dream job?
Schedule a 60-minute 1:1 clarity call for a customized strategy and an action plan to succeed in the Canadian job market in 6 months or less.

Here’s what other professionals are saying:

Stuck in Canada for 18 months, I had 3 interviews but no job offers. My master’s degree wasn’t enough. I even tried other coaches, but nothing worked. Then I met Coach Imole! He helped me land my dream job.


He is not your regular Coach. Coach Imole goes deeply personal, tailors a plan for YOUR goals, and unlocks your full potential. And you will get 99% value for your investment.


As a new immigrant with 9 years of experience back home, I wasn’t ready to settle. I went on a few interviews, and my resume got some attention, but I never landed the jobs I truly wanted. Then I met Coach Imole, and things changed completely! 


Getting a job in Canada has always been a toil, especially as a new Immigrant.

You start by joining different groups on different social media platforms just to be in the know and maybe hope for free pointers from people who have gone through the same process.

You enrol for MORE certifications, hoping they will boost your chances of getting a job and an interview.

You jump from one job site to another and submit applications to as many companies as you can without considering the amount or distance because you just WANT TO GET A JOB.

Despite tons of applications with no reply, you keep shooting your shot, HOPING that one day you will get that breakthrough call. But it never arrives.

Sometimes, you get a few interviews but never get a callback, or you get rejected…

Then you begin to doubt your capabilities as a professional. You begin to say to yourself; maybe you are INADEQUATE or INCOMPETENT, perhaps your previous experience is not up to par…

Then you wonder, “What exactly am I doing wrong?”

The THINGS you might be doing WRONG can vary from:

  • Applying for jobs without understanding how the Canadian job market actually works

  • Having a self-limiting mindset (unknowingly)

  • You don’t understand who you are and your life purpose beyond  ‘getting a job.’

  • You don’t have a mentor; someone knows what you don’t know, and they help you navigate life’s path

  • You are not clear on the path you should go

And guess what? One or more factors keep you on the spot with ZERO jobs.

The truth is, most people come to Canada with no clue of what to do to land their dream job.

You had a clear vision of your dream job before coming to Canada, but now that you’re here, everything seems to be falling apart.

What you need is guidance from someone who has worked the same path and attained success to show you the right path.

Someone who can examine your journey, where you are currently and where you want to be and use that information to point you in the right direction.

Someone who can identify the patterns. Someone who has walked through these rough paths.

Someone who can answer all your deep questions and help you figure out the root cause of your stagnancy in landing your dream job.

Someone who can give you a personalised, actionable and achievable step on how to cover this “trench” and get you to your next level

And if you are ready to take the first step forward, confidence and growth are waiting for you on the other side.

Here’s what you’ll get…

60-minute 1:1 call where you will receive in-depth tailored strategies and an action plan designed to help you succeed in the Canadian job market, no matter how long you’ve been searching.

The RESULTS my clients are getting are UNbelievable!

See for yourself…

Here’s what’s included in our call:

60-minute intensive call (Worth $1497)

During our call, we will talk about everything about your experience and skills and then diagnose problems that are keeping moving forward. Areas we will cover will include, CV review, LinkedIn Optimization, Experience, Skills and Certifications etc. When I say dive deep, I mean it

Video recording (Worth $147)

You get access to a video recording of our call so you can go back & implement what we discussed. I value our time together and want to be as effective as possible without any distractions. The more present you are, the more we can strategize during our limited time together.

Step-by-step action plan (Worth $497)

A “What Next?” road map to achieving your career goals. After our call together, you’ll get actionable steps on how to move forward with your career. These steps are tailored and specific to you and your career goals. Again, we diagnose what’s keeping you stuck and offer you tangible solutions to reach your next level.

3-Day DM Chat Support (Worth $997)

You have exclusive support to me through WhatsApp chat for three days after our clarity call. You can ask any follow-up questions as you implement the strategies/ action steps discussed on our call. This in itself is worth thousands!

I value our time together and could easily charge $3128 for this top-notch support.

But I am not going to…


You can book a call today for just $97!

What Successful Clients Are Saying About Coach Imole

Fredrick was able to secure a 15% increase in salary negotiation for his new job from the initial offer.

Fredrick Nnabuko

“I worked with Imole on salary negotiation for my new job and I ended up with a 15% increase from the initial offer, I couldn’t believe my eyes as all the strategies he gave worked wonders.”

Olawunmi O

“Imoleayo Ashogbon has been an invaluable career coach and mentor. In our sessions, he skillfully delved into my strengths and aspirations, providing tailored advice that significantly influenced my career decisions. His strategic guidance not only refined my professional goals but also equipped me with the tools to overcome challenges, fostering a resilient mindset. Imoleayo’s genuine dedication to his clients and wealth of industry knowledge make him an outstanding mentor. Beyond the sessions, he goes the extra mile to stay connected, offering ongoing support and insights. I’m immensely grateful for the impact he’s had on my career journey, transforming challenges into opportunities. Highly responsive and deeply committed, Imoleayo Ashogbon has played a pivotal role in shaping my professional trajectory. I wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone seeking expert guidance, empowerment, and a transformative career experience.”

To Get started in SIMPLE Steps:

Book your call for $97

Pick your preferred date and time

Show up for your call and get ready to step up!

Wondering if this is the next step for you?

The Confidence Call is for you if….


  You are a new immigrant facing challenges landing interviews, and even when you do, the interviewer either never gets back to you, or they outright tell you that you’re not the best fit for their company despite all your qualifications.

  You’ve been submitting hundreds of applications, but you haven’t received any responses. Your current jobless situation feels eerily silent, like a room where a pin drop would be the only sound.

  You’re confused about the next steps in your career, and you’re wondering if pursuing a career was a mistake and not meant for you

At the end of your 60-minute Call, You will:

  • Gain Confidence Moving Forward: When you know what to do and how to do it, you will build the confidence needed to WOW your interviewers and get your dream job.


  • Get Tailored actionable steps: I’m dedicated to helping career professionals transform their careers and balance their work-life by meeting them where they are and building a strategy that works for them.


  • Increased clarity and focus: You’ll get free career advice or discussion of business opportunities. I’m dedicated to helping individuals transform their careers and lives through coaching, and this is where I invest my time.

Here are some frequently asked questions

Can you really understand my problems and come up with a solution in only 60 minutes?

Yes! The first 30 minutes are geared toward understanding your goals, what’s going on in your mind, and learning about your experience. The next 30 minutes are to identify the root cause of what is keeping you stuck and focus on your next steps.

Why is it only $97? It seems too good to be true.

Sometimes, you need a little nudge in the right direction and aren’t quite ready to invest in a long-term commitment. You want to gain confidence and move from where you’re at & where you want to go before you go all in. Plus, I know how being stuck in a never-ending cycle can feel. I wanted to offer something accessible to those who need an expert’s eyes in their business. There are limited spots, so book before they’re all taken!